In Memoriam – John Joseph Miller

John Joseph Miller (March 28, 1954–January 5, 2022) served as SFWA Secretary from 1996–1998. John was a founding member of the Wild Cards Consortium, and is perhaps best known for his work in the Wild Cards shared universe series, first published in 1987. He contributed to more than five titles in that universe.

Miller’s first science fiction publication came in 1980. Over his career, he worked in prose and comics, and co-wrote two books in the Ray Bradbury Presents series, Dinosaur Empire and Dinosaur Samurai. Miller’s final short story, “Don’t Look Back”, was published in 2021. It spoke to a lifelong passion of his, the history of baseball, and told the story of baseball legend Satchel Paige. 

Co-written with Kevin Andrew Murphy, Miller’s final graphic novel will be, Wild Cards: Ante Up!, still forthcoming. John J. Miller lived 67 years.

SFWA President, Jeffe Kennedy shares, “John was known for his gentle nature, love of animals, and the loyal friendship he provided to so many. He will be greatly missed in the community.”