In Memoriam – Ron Goulart

Ron Goulart (January 13, 1933–January 14, 2022) was a Nebula Award nominee in 1966, and the SFWA Vice President and Grievance Chair from 1969–1971. His writing debuted in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in 1952, and he wrote into the 2010s. His works were often layered with satire and parody, drawing on his early work in advertising and his continuing study of genre. 

Goulart’s prolific career spanned short fiction, novels, comics, pulp, and television, writing across genres that included science fiction, space opera, fantasy, mystery, crime, and nonfiction. He is known for a vast body of works both under his name, such as the Fragmented America books, and under pseudonyms or as a ghostwriter, famously for the TekWar series by William Shatner. Ron Goulart lived 89 years.

SFWA President, Jeffe Kennedy shares, “We at SFWA are saddened to lose a past volunteer and a valued member of our genre community.”