In Memoriam: John D. Teehan

John D. Teehan (11 January 1967 – 23 February 2023), was a writer, publisher, and gamer, known for his warm spirit and generosity. John followed his passion for writing to found the Merry Blacksmith Press, publishing numerous science fiction, fantasy, graphic and prose novels, in addition to his work as a freelance content writer.

Teehan was devoted to his family: his beloved wife Margaret B. Teehan and his son Jack, as well as to his community, where he volunteered wherever he was needed, wherever he could bring a smile or lend a helping hand. Teehan loved roleplaying, and played Dungeons & Dragons weekly at the local library, where he was known to be as welcoming as he was funny. He used his joy for gaming to share techniques for game writing, worldbuilding, and mapmaking, always emphasizing that roleplaying games were, at their core, the sharing of storytelling.

Michael Capobianco, co-chair of the Estates-Legacy Committee and past SFWA president, remarks, “For a decade and a half, John was a major asset to SFWA. In charge of all typesetting, layout, art, and printing of the SFWA Bulletin, his professionalism helped make the Bulletin a great-looking glossy magazine.”

John D. Teehan lived 56 years.