Final Hours of the SFWA Auction!

We’re nearly at the finish line! The SFWA Silent Auction closes today at 3:00pm PT. The final hours are always the most full of action as the biggest deals become apparent. So we’re highlighting some of those deals for you, right now! The auction website is here:

Promo graphic for Nicole's session

Grab one of four kaffeeklatsch seats with Nicole Glover!

Our virtual kaffeeklatsches are where the biggest deals lie. Many seats may be won with a bid as low as $20!  Kaffeeklatsches are casual Zoom hangouts with up to four guests and the participating writer. Pick their brains! Learn their hobbies! Peruse all the kaffeeklatsch options here. Seats are available for:

  • Nicole Glover, a UX researcher and author of the historical fantasy series, Murder and Magic.
  • Max Gladstone, co-author of the Nebula Award winner and now-Twitter-famous This is How You Lose the Time War and someone who’s been thrown from a horse in Mongolia.
  • Premee Mohamed, is a Nebula, World Fantasy, and Aurora award-winning Indo-Caribbean scientist and speculative fiction author based in Edmonton, Alberta. She’s also an assistant editor at Escape Pod and the author of the Beneath the Rising series of novels as well as several novellas.
  • Alma Alexander, author of over 30 books and the Alexander Triads and Worldweaver series. She’s also lived on four continents (so far).
  • John Wilker, the author of the Space Rogues, Rogue Enterprises, and Grand Human Empire series and nearly 20 books in all. Also loves his wife, beer, his dog, and releasing multiple books a year.
  • Jennifer Estep, the bestselling author of the Galactic Bonds, Section 47, Elemental Assassin, Crown of Shards, Gargoyle Queen, Mythos Academy, Mythos Academy spinoff, Black Blade, & Bigtime fantasy series. She has written more than 40 books.
  • Marie Brennan is a former anthropologist and folklorist who shamelessly pillages her academic fields for inspiration. As half of M.A. Carrick, she is also the author of The Mask of Mirrors, the first book of the Rook and Rose epic fantasy trilogy.
  • Gary Phillips, who’s written comics for DC, Dark Horse, and Boom! Studios and also has been a staff writer on Snowfall.
  • Mary Robinette Kowal, a former SFWA president, is the author of The Spare Man,The Glamourist Histories series, Ghost Talkers, and the Lady Astronaut Universe. Mary Robinette is also a professional puppeteer.
  • Lydia M. Hawke, the author of the Grigori Legacy, the Crone Wars series & the Ever After series. She’s also an avid food preserver.
  • David Mack, the NYT-bestselling author of multitudes of Star Trek novelizations, DS9 episodes, and a consultant on Lower Decks and Prodigy. He’s an International Association of Media Tie-in Writers Grandmaster!
  • Cecilia Tan, the founder of Circlet Press, which publishes erotic SFF. Tan is the author of many awardwinning novels, including the Magic University series and the upcoming The Vanished Chronicles.
  • Anna Kashina, author of the Spirits of the Ancient Sand and the Majast Code series who’s also done a novelization of the bestselling adventure game Lacrimosa of Dana.
  • Wole Talabi, nominated for multiple awards for his short and nonfiction, with a debut fantasy novel coming out from DAW books in August. Wole is an engineer, writer, and editor from Nigeria who lives in Malaysia and loves scuba diving.
  • Eileen Gunn’s stories are known for their wry intelligence and sharp imagination. She is a short-story writer, essayist, and editor.
  • Meghan Ciana Doidge has written the Dowser, Oracle, Reconstructionist, Misfits, Amplifier, and Archivist Series! With 30+ releases, she’s an expert on authors making themselves into a brand that readers love.

We also have several signed or sets of books from SFWA Grand Masters, including Andre Norton, Anne McCaffrey, James E. Gunn, and Jane Yolen! 

James E. Gunn collection

All funds from this auction will support the work SFWA continues to undertake to address the needs and challenges that speculative fiction storytellers face today. If you are unable to bid this year, we welcome your contribution through sharing the auction website with others who may wish to take advantage of all the great items and opportunities on offer. 

Thank you so much for your support, and we hope you get the auction item of your dreams! For questions, contact the SFWA Fundraising Committee at