SFWA Market Report – October 2023

Welcome to the October edition of the SFWA Market Report.

Please note: Inclusion of any venue in this report does not indicate an official endorsement by SFWA. Those markets included on this list pay at least $0.08/word USD in at least one category of fiction. This compilation is not exhaustive of all publication opportunities that pay our recommended minimum professional rate. Additionally, SFWA adheres to our DEI Policy when making selections for this report. We strongly encourage writers to closely review all contracts and consult our resources on best contract practices.

New Markets

Beyond the Bounds of Infinity
I Want That Twink OBLITERATED!
Interstellar Flight Magazine (Flash Fiction) (Upcoming)
The Map of Lost Places (Upcoming)

Markets Currently Open for Submissions

Amplitudes: Stories of Queer and Trans Futurity
Analog Science Fiction & Fact
Apex Magazine
Asimov’s Science Fiction
Assemble Artifacts Magazine
Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Clarkesworld Magazine
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores (Recently Opened)
Death in the Mouth Anthology Series (Recently Opened)
DreamForge Anvil (Recently Opened)
Embodied Exegesis: Transfeminine Cyberpunk Futures
Escape Pod
Factor Four Magazine
FIYAH (Recently Opened)
Flame Tree Fiction Newsletter
Flash Fiction Online (FFO) (Originals) (Recently Opened)
Islandia Journal
Metastellar (Originals) (Recently Opened)
midnight & indigo
Nature: Futures
Nightmare Diaries
The Deadlands (Recently Opened)
Uncanny (Recently Opened)
Uncharted Magazine

Markets Recently Closed for Submissions

African Ghost Short Stories Anthology (Permanent)
Book Worms
Cast of Wonders
Cossmass Infinities (Permanent)
Cybearpunk Anthology (Permanent)
Gamut Magazine
Infinite Worlds (Permanent)
Little Bastards (Permanent)
Nightmare Magazine
Orion’s Belt
Solarpunk Magazine

Upcoming Market Changes

Amplitudes: Stories of Queer and Trans Futurity permanently closes soon.
Apex Monthly Flash Fiction Contest‘s Submission Window begins and ends soon.
Beyond the Bounds of Infinity ‘s Submission Window ends soon.
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores‘s Submission Window ends soon.
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores‘s Submission Window begins and ends soon.
DreamForge Anvil‘s Submission Window ends soon.
Embodied Exegesis: Transfeminine Cyberpunk Futures‘s Submission Window ends soon.
FIYAH‘s Submission window ends soon.
Flash Fiction Online (FFO) (Originals)‘s Submission Window ends soon.
Flash Fiction Online (FFO) (Originals)‘s Submission Window begins soon.
Inclusive Future Magazine‘s Limited Demographic Submission Window: Trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer authors on the theme “Visions From a Gender-Inclusive Future” ends soon.
Interstellar Flight Magazine (Flash Fiction)‘s Submission Window begins soon.
Metastellar (Originals)‘s Submission window ends soon.
PodCastle‘s Submission Window begins soon.
Uncanny‘s Submission window ends soon.
We Are All Thieves of Somebody’s Future‘s Submission Window begins soon.

The SFWA Market Report is compiled by David Steffen, editor of Diabolical Plots and The Long List Anthology series, and administrator and co-founder of the Submission Grinder.  If you submitted to the Diabolical Plots submission window in July final notices should be going out pretty soon. You can support Diabolical Plots and the Submission Grinder on PayPal or Patreon or by buying books or merch.