In Memoriam: Sherrie R. Cronin

Sherrie R. Cronin (01 December 1954 – 23 October 2023), who also wrote as S. R. Cronin, was a science fiction and historical fantasy writer, world traveler, and dedicated volunteer. 

A geophysicist by trade and extensive traveler by passion, Cronin lived in seven cities and visited forty-six countries, while staying dedicated to her writing. Cronin wrote 13 works within the “46. Ascending” and “The War Stories of the Seven Troublesome Sisters” series. Additionally, she was dedicated to writing and blogging about world peace, empathy, and what she called intra-species harmony. She joked that she’d love to tell these stories, stories of peace—or be Chief Scientist Officer—on the Starship Enterprise, and admitted to occasionally checking her phone for a message from Captain Picard. Just in case. 

Cronin was particularly passionate in her volunteer work, both with raising the profile of indie authors via SFWA’s StoryBundle program and answering a crisis hotline for Helpmate, a local organization serving survivors of domestic violence in the area of Asheville, North Carolina. She was known to take her time with callers, making sure they understood that support was available, that they were not alone. Her family has expressed that donations to Helpmate would be a fitting way to honor Sherrie’s life.

J. Scott Coatsworth, chair of the SFWA Independent Authors Committee, shared, “In Sherrie’s last email to me in late September, even as she was entering hospice care, she was characteristically Sherrie, thanking me for all the encouragement, and wishing me the best. She was one of the first to welcome me to the committee, and when I became the committee chair and needed someone to take over the management of SFWA’s StoryBundles program, she volunteered, dove in like a force of nature and made it her own. Sherrie was kind and supportive and was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She was also a gifted writer who inspired me and encouraged me to keep going on my own indie author journey. I miss her every day.”

Sherrie Cronin lived 68 years.