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Featured Books

The Best of Edward M. Lerner

Alternate history. Parallel worlds. Future crime. Alien invasion. Alien castaways. Time travel. Quantum intelligence—but don’t call him artificial. A haunted (sort of) robot. Deco punk. All this—and much more—spanning Ed’s writing career.

Lost in the Archives

Strange, queer and speculative short stories, some set in parallel pasts, and others in the daunting near future.
“Wonderfully distinct narrative voices… wildly inventive and unfamiliar, all stem from grounded human struggles.” – Publishers Weekly

Smashed Hopes

Humanity has never been known for subtlety… now is no different.

Book five of Dave Walsh’s Trystero series, featuring Drake, Valencia and the crew in a race to save their galaxy from an ancient alien race.

Lost at L3

Lost at the far side of the sun, two pilots, five space tourists, and one fluffy dog explore a miniature planet steeped in mystery.