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Featured Books

A Most Malicious Murder

In an alternate 1851, a newly remarried Edgar Allan Poe must team up with a young Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) to stop a serial killer stalking the streets of Oxford. If they don’t succeed, Poe may hang for a crime he didn’t commit.

Genesis – The IX Series

Fight or Die!
Witness the birth of the Horde and the fall of an Empire millennia in the making. A catalyst that lays the foundation for the arrival of the lost Ninth Legion of Rome and their comrades.
This is how legends are born.

Time Travel Inn

Astrid’s family has just moved to a remote motel in Wisconsin. After her parents disappear there, Astrid and two new friends start investigating. They quickly discover that the inn is an epicenter for time travel research gone very, very wrong.

The Rising Flood

Problems are piling up in Marek: political refugees from upriver; odd weather; new challenges for Marek’s sorcerers; and reluctant noble Marcia needs an heir. Will the rising flood lift all boats? Or will they capsize? Book 3 of the Marek Series.