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The Second Star

The Parada had been lost for almost 200 years before they recovered the ship, drifting in interstellar darkness, and brought her home again.
But that was not the miracle.
The miracle was that the crew was still alive.
That was also the problem.

The Captain’s Beast

It took Captain Jerilind Alger with a loyal crew and a handsome and rare shape-shifter to understand that their first assignment on an untried newly designed spaceship was meant to fail. Someone misunderstood Jeri and her people with their hopes.


Helen Vectorovich holds the unique distinction of failing at first contact. Now this elite waldo-jockey must unearth a critical truth: was her failure due to a betrayal, a business rival, or a threat to humanity itself?

The Resistance Revolution Murders

In 2059 two assassins kill a U.S. Senator in front of an arena audience, and escape. Detective John Allan discovers this is only the first murder in a series of planned assassinations that will lead to the overthrow of the national government.

The Shadow Commission

November 1963: President Kennedy has been assassinated, and the world’s last surviving free sorcerers will be next — unless Cade Martin and Anja Kernova can stop the cabal known as The Shadow Commission.