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Featured Books

Wrecker of Engines

Welcome to Cobalt City where the adventures keep changing but some superheroes are timeless. Dive into the complete collection of tales from the Cobalt City’s Adventurers Club, part of the Cobalt City Universe.

The Study of Magic

The second companion novel in the bestselling Poison Study series. The Study of Magic reveals Valek’s side of the story. Find out what hazards Valek encounters before he’s reunited with Yelena. The Study of Poisons is book 1 in Valek’s adventures.

Dead Girl, Driving and Other Devastations

This powerful debut explores the liminal spaces between the magical and the mundane, horror and humor, fairy tales and fabulism. Dead Girl, Driving and Other Devastations erases expectations, forging new trails on the map of contemporary fiction.

Val Vega: Secret Ambassador of Earth

Val Vega is an ordinary Puerto Rican high school student until she gets drafted by aliens to serve as ambassador of the primitive planet called Earth! Two Galactic empires are on the brink of war, and only Val can salvage interstellar peace.

The Hencha Queen

Silya finally has everything she always wanted: She’s the Hencha Queen, head of the Temple, and is mastering her newfound talents. So why does the world pick now to fall apart?

Forget messy. Things just got apocalyptic.