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Featured Books

Alice Payne Arrives

A time-travel novella about a disillusioned major from the 22nd century, a highwaywoman from the 18th century, her scientist girlfriend, and a war for history raging across time. Releases Nov. 6, 2018.

Invasive Procedures: Stories

These exciting, surreal, enigmatic, gut-wrenching, breathtaking, uplifting, tear-inducing tales offer you strange journeys into mysterious and wondrous places that you’ve never before imagined.

The Halfblood War

A sweeping story of love and war, prejudice and acceptance…

Tirren, heir to the ruler of Thiery, has raised his half-Elven son in a land that hates and fears the Elves, but his son’s struggle for acceptance is only one source of Tirren’s pain…

The Nightmarchers

From the award-winning author of DEAD SOULS and POE comes an all-new bone-chilling novel where a mysterious island holds the terrifying answers to a woman’s past and future.