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Featured Books

The Demons of the Square Mile

Occult Private Investigator Nora Simeon and her uncannily handsome partner Eyre follow a trail of magic, murder, and conspiracy from the luxurious apartment towers of Manhattan’s upper east side to the ancient depths of London’s Inner Temple.

Tower of Mud and Straw

Minister Shea Ashcroft disobeyed the queen, taking pity on innocents. Exiled to the border, all he’s in charge of now is construction of a huge flak tower, using devices brought from another world. Devices that may draw attention no one can afford.

She’s the One Who Cares Too Much

After a heroic army officer proposes, an empathic 13th-century lady thinks her dreams have come true. Only he’s less than expected, she’s pregnant, and Mongols threaten to invade. Then she finds she has a much-feared power her realm needs to survive.