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Quick Updates for 2011-11-30

@geardrops @jaymgates The Nebula rules are here. # @geardrops @jaymgates Maybe a link on the front page that says "Nebula Awards: How to Vote and Rules?" # @geardrops @jaymgates The link sadly, is already there. Look in the menu under "Nebula Awards." It's the top item. #

Quick Updates for 2011-11-05

@gregvaneekhout @kyleaisteach @SPrineas Just email [email protected] and ask to have your work posted for consideration. #

Quick Updates for 2011-10-30

Further clarification – SFWA business meeting Saturday morning at 8:00 AM is in the Meeting House building – Sunrise room. #WFC2011 # #SFWA meeting now in Meeting House in sunset room. Light breakfast. #WFC2011 # SFWA member @nancykress's original novella of BEGGARS IN SPAIN, winner Hugo & Nebula, available as ebook, Nook & Kindle, from […]