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Featured Books

A Hymn for the Dying

On the war-torn planet Novalis III, young Mathius struggles to help his family survive. Each day he scrounges for food and water, and must avoid both the government and rebel factions who abduct young boys and force them to become soldiers.

Water Must Fall

In a desiccating world, who gets to drink? Join a new uprising, in Africa and the US, as a collective resistance builds, to those set on appropriating the world’s remaining water for their own gain. Fighting ‘FreeFlow’. Will water ever fall?

Space Rogues 6: War and Peace

The crew of the Ghost finds themselves in the middle of it again. Hired to escort the CEO of Tralgot to a super-secret summit of the galaxy’s mega corporations, they end up in a corporate war no one wants.


The Earth is in environmental collapse. The future of humanity hangs in the balance. But a team of women are preparing to save it. Even if they’ll need to steal a spaceship to do it.

“Interstellar’s brain with Handmaid Tale’s heart” – Chuck Wendig

The Aleph Extraction

Aboard a notorious crime lord’s luxurious starliner, a team of covert operatives must steal a legendary artifact that could shift the balance of power with their cold war rivals.

Carved from Stone and Dream

In this sequel to Where Oblivion Lives, a coded notebook containing the identities of Los Nefilim’s spies falls into enemy hands. Diago must nurture the daimonic song he has so long denied in order to save those he loves.

The Light Years

The captain of a family-owned starship arranges a marriage for her son in hopes of achieving faster-than-light travel and maybe, just maybe, marital bliss.