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The Prince Deceiver

Deceive, divide, corrupt and conquer. Armies sharpen their weapons for a battle of swords while the Mordant engages in a battle of souls in this epic fantasy written in the style of Game of Thrones. Presenting book 6 of The Silk & Steel Saga.


Letters from Gardner

This collection features short stories plus correspondence from Gardner Dozois at Asimov’s S-F when the author was breaking into science fiction. Published by John Teehan and The Merry Blacksmith Press, it is 238 pages long and reprints 16 stories.


The Human Equations

— The Chinese explorer Zheng He makes First Contact with aliens.

— A resident of an orbital habitat must decide between his people’s traditions and his habitat’s survival.

— The attempt to save a gigantic sea creature’s baby — from the inside!


Morning, Noon & Night

The young sorceress Larissa Noon believes that Andeer’s Goddess Queen, banished 500 years ago before the mad sphinx could destroy the world, is now cured and ready to return from limbo. Larissa’s the only one who believes this, though…


The Clockwork Dagger

Healer on airship. Murder, spies, poison, cute gremlins & world tree that seriously plays favorites. Epic fantasy meets steampunk!


Levels: The Host

Originally published by Bantam Spectra as The Host, this is the 25th Anniversary edition of the cyperpunk classic, now available for Kindle!


Children of the Eighth Day

Rikk Hoister and his cousins are the pinnacle of human evolution, cloned geniuses with powerful paranormal abilities. Life is good–until ships and soldiers of the Terran Empire invade their homeworld and take most of the Hoister Family captive.


Meat and Machine

Don Sakers has been queering science fiction and fantasy for three decades. Meat and Machine collects 24 short pieces of science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, and erotica from across his career.


Evil Fairies Love Hair

Grow 100 fairies, get your heart’s desire. All you have to do is feed their ravenous appetite for hair. But don’t let them near your own hair or break any of the other rules. There’s a reason everyone calls them evil fairies …