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Featured Books

Barbary Station

Two engineers hijack a spaceship to join some space pirates—only to discover the pirates are hiding from a malevolent AI. Now they have to outwit the AI if they want to join the pirate crew—and survive long enough to enjoy it.


August must journey into unbelievable danger to find his parents, a quest across half a world, without the slightest clue about why. Thrown into the heart of an insoluble mystery, he will find the shattering truth of his own destiny.


Deep beneath the Antarctic ice, a team of scientists discovers the submerged ruins of a lost civilization, an organism of extraterrestrial origin, and the secret to unlocking the next phase in human evolution.

Heroes and Other Illusions: Stories

Heroes aren’t always as they seem; often they’re ordinary people reacting to circumstances beyond their control or pursuing their only option. These stories upend traditional concepts of courage, honor, love, death, enchantment, and terror.

Daniel Coldstar: The Relic War

A boy enslaved on a forgotten planet. A relic that will change the galaxy. The truth that will unite friends. The lies that will divide them. Coming November 7 from HarperCollins.


Cam and Sofie live on a future Earth deeply divided by race and class. When the two teens meet during a time of revolutionary struggle over deep-space colonization, the choices they make may decide the fate of their planet and their people.

The Sum of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound

Explore the depth and breadth of giving and of caring and delve into the world of caregivers–a segment of our population that is often taken for granted–with twenty-three original thought-provoking and moving stories.

Escape Velocity

Toward the end of the twenty first century, humanity establishes space colonies throughout the Solar System. A settlement on Titan, a city on Mars and thriving asteroid-belt mining facilities. Then, Earth experiences a global catastrophic collapse.