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Summoning the Phoenix

Summoning the Phoenix features 13 child musicians preparing for performance as well as historical and mythological stories related to Chinese music. It is “a lively medley that will expand the musical boundaries of most young.” (Kirkus Reviews


Expiration Day

In 2049, nobody can have kids. Well, almost nobody. And nobody knows why. So I’m a real rarity. A real girl. Most kids are just robots. Good enough to fool the maternal instinct. Good enough to stop the riots. Good enough to play with. Sometimes.



After a youth of piracy, Jendara wants nothing more to settle down and raise her son among the islands she calls home. But that peace is shattered as a clan of shapeshifting pillagers make their way through the islands.


Medieval Misfits: Renaissance Rejects

Swashbuckling heroes, brave deeds, daring do, beautiful Heroines – you won’t find any of that in Medieval Misfits. The book takes some bumbling humans with few good looks and fewer skills, puts them into ridiculous situations.



In this third and final adventure in the Above World series, Aluna and her friends face their most terrifying enemy. “A fitting finale for a gripping futurist series” that offers “a strong anti-war, pro-diversity message.” –Kirkus


Blades of the Old Empire

Prince Kythar’s magic gift stands in the way of an elaborate plot to usurp his throne. When the enemies’ scheming targets the woman he loves, his elite Majat bodyguard, he is forced into an impossible choice that will throw his kingdom into turmoil.


The Burning Dark

Once, Captain Abraham Idaho Cleveland saved an entire planet from a rampaging machine intelligence, but now he’s stuck in a backwater space station — but he’s got a surprising friend.


Phoenix Island

The inspiration for the new CBS TV series INTELLIGENCE.

A tough kid in an isolated boot camp that’s turning orphans into super soldiers risks everything to save his friends and stop a madman bent on global destruction.