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Armed in Her Fashion

In 1328, Bruges is under siege by the Chatelaine of Hell and her army of chimeras―humans mixed with animals or armour, forged in the fires of the Hellbeast. A widowed wet nurse named Margriet de Vos leads a raiding party like Hell has never seen.

Side Life

When a down-on-his-luck young tech entrepreneur discovers a secret basement lab housing a mysterious device, his world begins to unravel as he embarks on a terrifying journey that asks fundamental questions about reality and free will.

Chanda’s Awakening

Chanda Kasmira can’t save the planet Splendor from its coming destruction. She enters stasis, hoping to awaken to a brighter future. Instead, an even more difficult path lies ahead after CHANDA’S AWAKENING.

The Ramshead Algorithm and Other Stories

Sand cats speak, ghost bikes roll, corpses disappear, and hedge mazes are more bewildering than you’ve ever imagined. These 11 fantasy/SF stories are “quirky and original” (Publishers Weekly) and will take you deep into other astonishing realities.

Blood, Dirt, and Lies

After she reads a corpse pulled from the river, Detective and Death Witch Mallory Mors is visited by its waterlogged ghost. As the clues dry up, she’s attacked with magic even in her dreams. If she can’t close the case, she’ll never be safe again.

Team Dream Girl

Eile and Sunny are two young ladies who travel to the Dreamlands of H. P. Lovecraft, where they have heroic fantasy adventures. With a foreword by Elisabeth Waters, editor of the Sword and Sorceress anthology series.

Loyalty to Man

Eile, Sunny, and Differel are spies. Their governments order them to contact an agent offering plans for a new weapon, but she seems to be playing a game. Are the plans fake, or is something more nefarious going on? With five more stories.

The Continuum

Professional time traveler Elise Morley is an expert on the past, but when a high-stakes assignment lands her a hundred years into the future, for the first time ever, she’s the one out-of-date, out of place, and quickly running out of time.