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Contracts Committee

As directed by the SFWA Board, the purpose of the Contracts Committee is to:

  1. Update and maintain the existing SFWA contract templates;
  2. Work to develop and maintain a repository of sample contracts and contract-related information;
  3. Work to educate members about contract language and recommendations;
  4. Work to help SFWA and its members answer contract related questions and issues.

It is the committee’s intent to focus on these tasks in the coming years. The committee members are: Jim Fiscus, (Chair), Michael Capobianco, Rosemary Smith, Ken Liu, Ginjer Buchanan, and Jeff Hecht. Victoria Strauss acts as an advisor to the committee. Please direct any questions or issues to contracts@sfwa.org.

Model Contracts and Contract Information

SFWA has produced model contracts since it was created in 1965. The first, a Model Author-Agent Agreement written by SFWA founder Damon Knight, appeared in the first issue of the SFWA Bulletin in July, 1965. The model contracts are intended to help writers understand publishing contracts and to help them negotiate better contracts.

Model Agent-Author Agreement, Version 3.1

Traditionally, writers have worked with agents on the basis of a handshake.  SFWA has, however, long believed that writers need the protection of a written agreement.  The latest re-working of SFWA’s model agent agreement is more detailed than the previous version so it can address specific problems writers have had in recent years. Download Agreement […]

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Model Magazine Contract, Version 3.1

SFWA’s Model Magazine Contract is arranged with the text of the contract on the left with the Contracts Committee’s notes explaining the contract on the right. By including detailed notes, the Committee is working to increase the educational value of the model contracts. PDF | RTF

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Voice Actor Model Contracts

Contract Committee Note Regarding Voice Actors— Some months ago, a SFWA member was hiring a voice actor to produce an audio book, but could not find contracting advice. The actor was a member of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA,) but even the Union did not have a model contract […]

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