RIP: William C. McCool (1961-2003)

William C. McCool, 41, was a commander in the U.S. Navy, and a former test pilot. He served as pilot for STS-107. He received a bachelor of science in applied science from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1983, a master of science in computer science from the University of Maryland in 1985, and a master of science in aeronautical engineering from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in 1992.

As a member of the Blue Team, McCool worked with various experiments. He was also be responsible for maneuvering Columbia as part of several experiments mounted in the shuttle’s payload bay.

Selected by NASA in April 1996, McCool was making his first space flight. He had over 2,800 hours flight experience in 24 aircraft and over 400 carrier arrestments.

Born September 23, 1961 in San Diego, California, McCool is survived by a wife. He was an Eagle Scout and graduated second of 1,083 in the Class of 1983 at the US Naval Academy.

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