RIP: Don Congdon 1918-2009

RIPThe New York Times reports that sad news that Don Congdon has passed away.

Don Congdon, a literary agent who spotted the talent of Ray Bradbury early in both their careers and whose long list of celebrated authors also included William Styron, Jack Finney, Evan S. Connell, William L. Shirer and David Sedaris, died on Monday at his home in Brooklyn Heights. He was 91.

Our sympathies to his friends and family.

Read the full obituary at the NY Times.

3 Responses

  1. Sam

    Don Congdon was the literary agent for Walter M. Miller’s “Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman” which Terry Bisson finished. The story of the finishing of the “Leibowitz” sequel is amazing to read, from Bisson:

    I had looked forward to meeting Miller and getting his approval of my work. Congdon disabused me of that notion. “I was his agent for forty years and we never met in person.”

  2. Sam

    It must have taken an incredible man to stay with Miller all those long, quiet years, and to work so hard to see that last painful, beautiful book through. That man was Don Congdon.

  3. Sam

    I never met him, nor likely ever would have had we each lived to be four hundred. But due to that story I felt an immediate respect for his professionalism and relationship with those people he represented. Though this was a very small, perhaps insignificant part of Congdon’s career (and this almost makes it all the more memorable to me in a way) it is what I will always remember when I think of Mr. Congdon.