Quick Updates for 2010-04-22

Quick Updates -- istock

Member News

  • Congratulations to SFWA member Matthew Johnson who just sold his story “Holdfast” to Fantasy Magazine.
  • Today’s 100th episode of PodCastle is SFWA member Will Ludwigsen‘s story, “Remembrance is Something Like a House.”
  • SFWA member Ellen Kushner & others have signed books for “Fight Breast Cancer with Books for Boobs” auction. Bid generously.
  • The Agony Column Podcasts SFWA member Blake Charlton‘s reading from Science Fiction in San Francisco.
  • SFWA member David D. Levine‘s Google Tech Talk (60 min) about his trip to “Mars” is now available on You Tube.
  • Welcome to SFWA's newest Affiliate member Athena Andreadis, author of The Biology of Star Trek.

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  1. Priscilla

    Thanks for the signal boost! It’s much appreciated. We rely on folks like you spreading the word. 😀

    Books for Boobs