Interstitial Arts Foundation Announces Indiegogo Campaign

The Interstitial Arts Foundation has issued the following release:

interfictionsThe Interstitial Arts Foundation, a genre-smashing nonprofit founded in 1999, announces a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign to raise $8,500 to support its journal, Interfictions Online. The campaign includes an interstitial video by Terence Taylor, with appearances by Neil Gaiman, IAF co-founders Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman, filmmaker Lisa Stock, and more. The funding will add visual art (which will be edited by Henry Lien) and pay contributors professional rates while keeping the journal open to the public for free!

Rewards for campaign contributors include signed books by China Mieville and Kevin Brockmeier, prints by Terri Windling, manuscript critique by bestselling novelist Holly Black, and two exclusive e-chapbooks with work donated by more than 40 interstitial artists including Kelly Link, Peter Straub, Jeff VanderMeer, N.K. Jemisin, Lisa Snellings, Jeffrey Ford, Jane Yolen, Nalo Hopkinson and more!

In a literary market that glorifies categorization, the editorial staff of Interfictions Online seeks to provide a sanctuary for artists who refuse to be constrained by category labels. The journal features interstitial work, which is art that flourishes in the borderlands between different genres, disciplines, mediums, and cultures. “Interfictions Online is a house on the bordertown,” says Executive Editor Delia Sherman. “If genre and recognized categories are all happening in different rooms, interstitial art is all the conversations happening in the hallway outside.”

With three issues published in the past twelve months, Interfictions Online already has a track record of publishing work that might not find a home anywhere else, and connecting that work with an eager community of readers and creators. “Someone who’s breaking the rules needs a place where it’s safe to break them,” says Interfictions Online Editor Sofia Samatar. “That’s us. We’re the latest project of the Interstitial Arts Foundation, and we’re asking for your help to maintain a place for artists who walk the highwire in the attempt to make breakthrough art for an audience that’s hungry for work that doesn’t fit into neat little boxes.”

The journal features defiantly interstitial works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, criticism translation and journalism—sometimes in the same piece, re-imagining form, genre and voice.

Interfictions Online is the latest in an ongoing series of interstitial arts publications from the Interstitial Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to giving border-crossing artists, academics, critics and the general public a forum and a focus to discuss and create works of art that defy categories and confound boundaries.

runs from June 3 through July 14, 2014

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