Catalysts, Explorers, & Secret Keepers

The Museum of Science Fiction has announced a new science fiction anthology: Catalysts, Explorers, & Secret Keepers. It will be a “take-home exhibit” featuring short works by and about the women of science fiction.  Proceeds to fund the project are being raised by this Kickstarter campaign.

From the Museum:

This anthology will showcase how woman—as readers, as writers, and as characters—have engaged with and influenced science fiction for more than a century.

The project is spearheaded by the Journal’s editor, Monica Louzon. In a recent interview, she explains the take-home exhibit concept. “Many museums publish books to provide context and background to highlight their special, temporary exhibits. We’ve decided to build on this principle and create a curated science fiction anthology as an exhibit meant to be taken home, experienced at your own pace, and shared.”

With content hand-selected by the Museum’s team of editors, curators, and librarians, Catalysts, Explorers, & Secret Keepers will include original and reprinted work from preselected authors with additional new fiction selected during an open call for submissions. By reprinting rare and timeless classic stories, presenting cutting-edge original fiction by leading writers, and highlighting emerging authors who demonstrate the continuing evolution of the genre, we will celebrate how writers shape science fiction’s evolution with each new day.

The cover of Catalysts, Explorers, & Secret Keepers will feature original artwork by the Hugo- winning artist Julie Dillon. Award-winning authors Eleanor Arnason, Catherine Asaro,
N.K. Jemisin, Nancy Kress, Naomi Kritzer, Karen Lord, Seanan McGuire, Sarah Pinsker,
Kiini Ibura Salaam, Carrie Vaughn, Jane Yolen, and Sarah Zettel have already agreed to contribute work to the exhibit.

Upon reaching the minimum funding target, the Museum will open submissions until December 1, 2016. The public will be able to submit original work that fits the take-home exhibit’s theme. Authors of original fiction published in Catalysts, Explorers, & Secret Keepers will receive the SFWA-standard pro-rate of US $0.06 per word, while authors of solicited reprints will receive US $0.03 per word. All authors featured in this exhibit will be invited to discuss their work as presenters and panelists in 2017 at Escape Velocity, the Museum of Science Fiction’s annual celebration of all things science fiction.

Funds raised in this Kickstarter campaign will cover payment to authors contributing to the anthology, publishing costs, mailing costs, and commissioning our phenomenal cover artist. Any surplus funds will help finance the Museum of Science Fiction’s educational programs in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

More information about the nonprofit Museum and other activities is available here: