SFWA now accepting Givers Fund Grant Requests

The Givers Fund is accepting grant requests for this cycle.  The deadline for this year’s grant requests is December 1, 2018. Any forms received after that date will be automatically deferred to next year’s grant cycle.

Grants are only awarded that further SFWA’s mission.

In addition, SFWA does not award grants that compensate an individual for their time or for honorariums and speakers fees. SFWA can and does provide grants for travel expenses when time is volunteered, scholarships for persons selected by another 501(c)(3) organization as part of their mission, or to cover expenses of running a program or project that benefits a community at large.

In rare instances, SFWA may provide grants to for-profit entities or individuals that can demonstrate there is no profit motive attached to the grant request. A project that already exists is more likely to receive a grant than one that is being proposed for the first time, for this type of request.

We look forward to receiving your grant request.