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Quick Updates for 2012-08-03

And SFWA member @LAGilman also will be at @BmoreBookFest ! # New stories by SFWA member Jamie Lackey from Kazka Press & in Triangulation: Morning After. … # Active member Rosemary Jones will be speaking at SpoCon #

Forged in Fire

Sarah Jane Beauhall, the blacksmith turned dragon slayer, must unravel the web she finds closing around her as a powerful necromancer and a crazed blood cult work to tear apart everything she holds dear.

Quick Updates for 2012-07-17

Portland SFWA reading TONIGHT (7/16), with Daniel H. Wilson, Isaac Marion, and Rhiannon Held # SFWA member Edward Willett's two-act SF comedy Circle the Crops will be produced in Weyburn, Sask., next summer for the city's centennial. #

Quick Updates for 2012-07-15

Next Portland SFWA reading is Monday July 16, with Daniel H. Wilson, Isaac Marion, and Rhiannon Held … # Next Seattle-area SFWA reading is Thursday July 19, with Louise Marley, Isaac Marion, and Rhiannon Held … #

Quick Updates for 2012-07-13

A transcript of #sffwrtcht interview with SFWA member @debcoates # SFWA member Beth Bernobich is hosting a giveaway for her new novel, Queen's Hunt: # News from SFWA member Sharon Lee: Releasing all 15 Liaden novels as audio books is only part of it … #

Quick Updates for 2012-07-11

"Feed Me the Bones of Our Saints" pt 1 of 2 by SFWA member Alex Dally MacFarlane at Strange Horizons… # SFWA member @doctorow Cory Doctorow is the guest of honor at Westercon 67 in Salt Lake City, July 2014 # SFWA member Michael R Underwood's novel "Geekomancy" is now available from Pocket […]