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Quick Updates for 2011-02-11

SFWA member @arcaedia has been promoted to VP at Donald Maass Literary Agency, where she will continue to represent talented writers. # Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member Eugene Myers (@ecmyers) author of Fair Coin (PYR). # Welcome to SFWA's newest Associate Member @BritMandelo. Look for her qualifying story "Though Smoke Shall Hide the Sun" […]

Quick Updates for 2011-02-09

Member News for Gene Twaronite, Alyxandra Harvey, Sarah Monette, Amy Treadwell, Vera Nazarian, Allan Cole, Brad Beaulieu, Kate Milford, Lena Coakley, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Marcy Rockwell, Rosemary Jones, David Levine and John Cleaver.

Quick Updates for 2011-02-09

SFWA member @KateMilford is pleased that her novel THE BONESHAKER made Locus's 2010 recommended YA reading list. # SFWA member @leancoakley's YA short story "Mouse" will be published in an upcoming, as yet untitled, McGraw-Hill Ryerson anthology. # @britmandelo You actually just need proof of the sale to join, if it is to a qualifying […]

Quick Updates for 2011-02-08

Help a SFWA author research: @johncleaver needs some fake swear words for his new series: # Hey, SFWA members. It's Monday and I'm wondering what news you have that you'd like us to announce for you. # Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member, Amy Treadwell. Read one of her qualifying stories online. # […]