Board Communication on Member Expulsion

Posted by KathrynBaker

The Board, after careful consideration of the existing Massachusetts By-Laws, our approved operations and procedures, and with the advice of our legal counsel and past presidents, has decided to expel a member of SFWA from the organization.

This has not been an easy decision. It was very important from the outset that the Board should follow a careful process of examining the evidence, reviewing our internal rules and guidance, and weighing the damage done to the organization regardless of how we chose to proceed. We hope that all members of SFWA understand that this decision has not been made without careful and thorough examination of the situation.

Our bylaws and procedures make expelling a member a prolonged and arduous process, but we believe this is entirely appropriate for so drastic a remedy, and oppose any changes to our bylaws and procedures that would make it any easier.

Thank you for your patience.

Steven Gould,
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Amended to add: 

We will continue to omit the expelled individual’s name and the details of his behavior on advice of counsel.