In Memoriam: Jim Hosek

Posted by KathrynBaker

Dr. James Hosek (13 October 1964 – 03 December 2023) known to many in the community as Jim, was a writer of veterinary mystery and philosophical humor. Especially proud of his role as Nebula Award Commissioner, his own story “Total Loss” was published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. He wrote the Dr. At stories about a house call veterinarian who lands in the middle of mysteries, and the novel, A Really Good Day, a lighthearted and humorous story about an underdog golfer whose story of an incredible single day on the course finds an unexpectedly happy ending.

A veterinarian who came to own the animal hospital he used to visit as a child, Dr. Hosek cared deeply about animals and their human families. He especially loved cats, and was known to be remarkably talented at holding and calming them. Jim loved gardening, woodworking, and Doctor Who, and he contributed relief work and house calls around the city of Chicago. He enjoyed playing games with his wife and sons, spending time with the cats who completed their
family, and he really, always, enjoyed writing.

SFWA’s Deputy Executive Director, Terra LeMay, remembers, “Jim took on the role of Nebula Awards Commissioner in 2017 and his contributions to SFWA through improvements he made to our Nebula Awards processes while in office are difficult to overstate. His loss to the community is also difficult to overstate. He will be greatly missed.”

Jim Hosek lived 59 years.