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In Memoriam – Travis Heermann

Travis Heermann (22 October 1969 – 26 April 2024), also writing as T. James Logan,  was a prolific and award-winning author, ghostwriter, poet, screenwriter, filmmaker, producer, editor, and publisher. In addition to a lifetime of creative accomplishments, Heermann was a beloved volunteer for the SFWA Publications team. In prose, Heermann wrote novels, such as The […]

In Memoriam – Steve Miller

Steven Richard Miller (31 July 1950 – 20 February 2024), was a science fiction fan and prolific writer who built wide, rich worlds, and complex generations of memorable characters through the Liaden Universe science fiction books, co-written with his wife Sharon Lee Miller, with whom he won a joint Skylark Award for contributions to science […]

In Memoriam: Howard Waldrop

Howard Waldrop (15 September 1946 – 14 January 2024), was a prolific short fiction author known for revealing tragic consequences through a voice of humor and for stand-alone alternate histories based on a desired setting rather than on a turning point of note. His short stories were published from 1972 to 2023, and his tragic […]

In Memoriam: David Drake

David Drake (24 September 1945 – 10 December 2023) was a military veteran and science fiction and fantasy author. He was the author of over 80 books over the course of 40 years, including the Hammer’s Slammers, Lord of the Isles, and Republic of Cinnabar Navy series. Drake spent his life in North Carolina, after […]

In Memoriam: Jim Hosek

Dr. James Hosek (13 October 1964 – 03 December 2023) known to many in the community as Jim, was a writer of veterinary mystery and philosophical humor. Especially proud of his role as Nebula Award Commissioner, his own story “Total Loss” was published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine. He wrote the Dr. At […]

In Memoriam: Michael Bishop

Michael Bishop (12 November 1945 – 13 November 2023) was a prolific and beloved speculative fiction writer of short to long fiction, along with poetry and anthology curation, with professional publications spanning over fifty years. In addition to four Locus Awards and numerous Hugo Award nominations, he won the Nebula award in 1981 for the […]

In Memoriam: Sherrie R. Cronin

Sherrie R. Cronin (01 December 1954 – 23 October 2023), who also wrote as S. R. Cronin, was a science fiction and historical fantasy writer, world traveler, and dedicated volunteer.  A geophysicist by trade and extensive traveler by passion, Cronin lived in seven cities and visited forty-six countries, while staying dedicated to her writing. Cronin […]

In Memoriam: Michael F. Flynn 

Michael F. Flynn (20 December 1947–30 September 2023), who also wrote as Rowland Shew, was a prolific writer of science fiction, poetry, essays, and blogs. He used his experience as an engineer and statistician to explore the world, working the results of his constant learning and passion for debate into his fiction.  A regular in […]

In Memoriam – Rekka Jay

Rekka Jay (30 April 1980–18 July 2023), also known as R J Theodore, was a science fiction and fantasy writer, graphic designer, and a SFWA member and volunteer who was always generous with their time and expertise. They authored many short stories and several books, including the Peridot Shift and Phantom Traveler series.   R J […]

In Memoriam: John Jakes

John Jakes (31 March 1932 – 11 March 2023) was a prolific, best-selling author known for detailed and character-rich historical fiction, as well as science fiction, fantasy, sword and sorcery, pulp, mystery, and nonfiction. Realizing the inherent power of historical fiction as a source of information, Jakes was known to take the accuracy of his […]