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Featured Members

Laura Lam

Laura Lam is the author of the near-future space thriller, GOLDILOCKS, feminist space opera SEVEN DEVILS (written with Elizabeth May), FALSE HEARTS, SHATTERED MINDS, PANTOMIME, SHADOWPLAY & MASQUERADE. She lectures on the Edinburgh Napier CW MA.

Henry Lien

Henry is a four-time Nebula/Norton finalist. He is the author of the PEASPROUT CHEN fantasy series. His short fiction has appeared in publications like Asimov’s, Analog, and F&SF. Hobbies include writing SFWA anthems and losing Nebula/Norton awards.

Sharon Lynn Fisher

Sharon Lynn Fisher writes smart, twisty, passionate tales – mash-ups of science fiction, fantasy, and slow-burn romance set in lush and atmospheric worlds. Her new historical fantasy series, The Faery Rehistory, is being published by Blackstone.

Al Onia

Al Onia is a full-time writer living on Vancouver Island, Canada. His novels, The Sixth Helix, Javenny, Transient City and its sequel, Rogue Town are all available in trade paperback from Bundoran Press in Ottawa. Ebook versions from the usual sources. His latest novella, Descending To Eve, is available online from Zealot Scripts Emerging Worlds.

Gustavo Bondoni

Gustavo Bondoni is an Argentine writer with nearly three hundred stories published in fourteen countries, in seven languages. He is also the author of several books, including the well-received novel Siege. He lives in Buenos Aires.

Deborah J. Ross

Deborah J. Ross is a former SFWA Secretary and member of Book View Cafe. Recent work includes THUNDERLORD, Lambda Finalist COLLABORATORS, and THE SEVEN-PETALED SHIELD trilogy, and stories in F & SF, Asimov’s, and Star Wars: Tales from Jabba’s Palace.

Greg Dragon

Greg Dragon brings a fresh perspective to fiction by telling human stories of life, love, and relationships in a science fiction setting.

Jeffrey A. Carver

Jeffrey A. Carver has written numerous SF novels, including The Chaos Chronicles and Eternity’s End, set in his Star Rigger Universe. His greatest loves in writing are character, story, and a healthy sense of wonder. He lives in the Boston area.

Alex Shvartsman

Alex is a writer, translator, & editor from Brooklyn, NY. Over 120 of his short stories have appeared in Analog, Nature, Strange Horizons, and other venues. His debut novel, Eridani’s Crown, is forthcoming in October 2019 from UFO Publishing.

Carol Berg

Carol Berg writes of warriors who battle demons inside souls, artists whose portraits reflect truth, musicians who sing visions, librarians who have past lives, and as Cate Glass, a team of sorcerer spies. She won the 2009 Mythopoeic Fantasy Award.