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Featured Members

D J Adamson

D. J. Adamson work ranges from published literary short stories, mystery novels, and psychological thrillers, to science fiction. She publishes a monthly review online magazine: Le Coeur de l’Artiste.

RB Lemberg

R. B. Lemberg is a queer, bigender immigrant from Eastern Europe & Israel. Their debut Birdverse novella, The Four Profound Weaves was nominated for the World Fantasy, Locus, Nebula, and Ignyte awards.

Veronica G. Henry

Veronica G. Henry is the author of Bacchanal, The Quarter Storm, and The Foreign Exchange (Feb 2023). She is a Viable Paradise alum, and a member of SFWA. Her stories have appeared in FIYAH Literary Magazine.

Liz Argall

Liz Argall’s work can be found in places like Uncanny Magazine, Strange Horizons & performed on the Pulp Stage. She’s worked on roleplaying games like Geist 2nd Edition and 13th Age, and creates the webcomic thingswithout.com

Ash Bishop

Ash Bishop is a lifetime reader and a lifetime nerd, loving all things science fiction and fantasy. He has been a high school English teacher, and worked in the video game industry, as well as in educational app development. He lives in Southern CA.

Johnny Caputo

Johnny Caputo’s speculative fiction has appeared in Cast of Wonders and other venues, and he is the writer of the webcomic The Ballad of Lumber Jackson. He lives and teaches writing courses in Cleveland, Ohio.

David Hopkins

David Hopkins is a fantasy novelist with an interest in Shakespeare, medieval history, fairy tales, and myth. He has written op-eds for the Dallas Morning News and Chicago Tribune, graphic novels in a variety of genres, and even a few D&D adventures.

Douglas Smith

A multi-award-winning author, Doug’s books include The Wolf at the End of the World, Chimerascope, Impossibilia, Playing the Short Game, and (soon) The Dream Rider Saga.
“One of Canada’s most original writers of speculative fiction”—Library Journal

Michael R. Johnston

Michael R. Johnston is the author of The Widening Gyre, The Blood-Dimmed Tide, and What Rough Beast. He lives in Sacramento, California, where he teaches high school, works with young aspiring genre writers, and daydreams of flying starfighters.

Patricia A. Jackson

Patricia A. Jackson is a high school English teacher. Her urban fantasy Forging a Nightmare debuted with Angry Robot Books. When not grading a stack of flash fiction, she rides horses and runs The Beautiful People, a club for LGBTQIA+ students.