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Membership Requirements

Looking to become a member of SFWA? Table of Contents Membership Types Full Member Associate Affiliate Estate Lifetime Senior Family/Group Qualifying Markets Application FAQs Application/Upgrade Forms Effective with Bylaws  Updated 3/2022 Full Members Full members can and are encouraged to attend business meetings, vote in elections, and receive access to private discussion forums, SFWA exclusive […]

The Bulletin

Four times each year, we pack the Bulletin with: Business articles by leading pros Comprehensive Market Reports by Cynthia Ward SFWA News Member News Nebula Award Recommendations Award-Winning Fiction Features by such writers as Jody Lynn Nye, Ed McKeown, CJ Henderson and Catherine Asaro Monthly words and wisdom from our columnists – Barry Malzberg, Mike […]

For Writers

“Why SFWA?” and “What can it do for me?” These two questions have stumped many a SFWA board member, volunteer, and employee throughout our existence. The typical answer had always been, “Bragging rights and oh, the emergency medical fund.” While those two things are definitely beneficial, I’m here to tell you that the Science Fiction […]

Yes, We Need Diverse Books, But We Also Need Diverse Reviewers–Still*

by Erika Hardison This essay is the fourth of eight in the Publishing Taught Me: A SFWA Anthology Project. Ever since Black YA Fantasy author L.L. McKinney set Twitter (now known as X) ablaze with her hashtag #PublishingPaidMe in 2021, the traditional publishing industry has been scrambling to give the appearance that they are truly […]

SFWA Comments on AI to US Copyright Office

On October 30, the SFWA Board and the SFWA Legal Affairs Committee sent the following letter to the US Copyright Office in response to their August 2023 Notice of Inquiry regarding copyright law and policy issues in artificial intelligence, which is part of their AI Initiative. We are aware that there is a wide range […]

Safety Dispatch: Managing Newsletters

by the SFWA Safety Committee As social media becomes increasingly fractured, more authors are turning toward newsletters as a reliable form of direct marketing. Mailing lists are an invaluable way to keep in touch with readers who actively want to hear more about your work. They can also raise questions about how to properly set […]

Current Statement on AI/ML Use

The Board of Directors of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA) has been monitoring the rapidly evolving technological and legal landscape as it pertains to machine-generated works. We continue to hold conversations inside our organization, as evidenced by our recent call for posts that brought in a wide variety of important perspectives. Additionally, […]

SFWA Members Weigh in on AI & Machine Learning Applications & Considerations

Recent developments in the use of technology to produce creative works have driven both insightful commentary and strong feelings in the science fiction and fantasy community. These artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools and applications are being used to generate artwork, audio narration, nonfiction articles, and fictional narratives with increasing frequency. There are important […]