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Member Application Supporting Document Requirements

Congratulations on making the sale! The SFWA Board of Directors periodically makes changes to the membership qualification criteria. Please review the latest membership qualification criteria here. Once you have read the rules, you will need to gather your supporting documents to complete your application. Because the publication process varies widely among professional authors, SFWA will […]

SF/F Magazines Wait Out The Great Pause—Part 2: Short- and Long-Term Prospects & the Post-COVID Landscape

by J. Scott Coatsworth This article continues J. Scott Coatsworth’s interviews and compilation of information examining how SF/F magazines are faring during the COVID-19 crisis. Amazing Stories, Analog, Asimov’s, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clarkesworld, Escape Artists, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fireside Magazine, Fiyah Lit Mag, and Strange Horizons responded to Coatsworth’s inquiries. Most of these responses […]

The Ultra-Novelist

by Hunter Liguore

When it comes to writing, especially the novel, we can never give up! We’re essentially running our own ‘ultra-marathon.’ Looking at a runner who will traverse 100 miles over 30 hours, we must see the significant amount of training that went into this. Considering the above scenario, this ultra-runner must’ve spent at least half to a full year of deliberate planning/training just for this one race.

Optimizing Income for Independent SF & F Authors

by J Lloren Quill

How much money does an author make selling a book?

It should be a simple question with a straightforward answer, but it’s not. With technology at our side, we now have the data to answer this simple question in about 1.2 million different ways.

How Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors and Publishers Can Take Advantage of Price Promotions

If you’re an author or publisher, price promotions are a powerful way to reach new readers and sell books.

How powerful? In 2015, price promotions on BookBub alone drove sales of over 20 million ebooks — and over 200 of the books with promotions featured on BookBub made it to The New York Times bestseller list.

In this post, we’ll explain how science fiction and fantasy authors and publishers can tap into some of that power and use price promotions to accomplish multiple book marketing goals.

SFWA Investment Program

In January 2013 the Board determined that 30% of the Money Market funds should be moved into long-term, conservative, and balanced growth funds to help ensure the long-term health of SFWA.

Getting Out of the Pubslush Slush Pile

by Caren Gussoff

We’re on the front lines of the changing publishing industry, and for all the insecurities that encompasses, we have a growing number of tools that help reach out and sell directly to fans. Of these tools, perhaps the one most successful has been the online crowd funding platforms.

Guest Post: Does Book Touring Still Matter?

by John Scalzi

When I’m out and about and recount my tour adventures to people (I can reel off my itinerary just about in my sleep at this point), the question often arises about whether all this touring is actually still useful and/or desirable in an age where so many people get their books electronically, and when one (or at least, one like me) can show up to a comic con, at which between 20k and 50k people will show up in one place, where you also happen to be.

Print-on-Demand Self-Publishing Statistics

  The average printed book from a print-on-demand self-publishing service sells fewer than 200 copies, mostly to “pocket” markets surrounding the author–friends, family, local retailers who can be persuaded to place an order–and to the author him/herself. POD services’ own statistics support these low sales figures. AuthorHouse’s 2010 online Fact Sheet revealed that it had […]

Previous By-laws

Prepared by David A. Smith, SFWA Treasurer, and Compiled and Revised by Greg Bear, SFWA President, November 1988; Ratified by Vote of the Membership,1989. Amended by Vote of the Membership in 1991. Amended by Vote of the Membership, October 1998. Revised by SFWA President Michael Capobianco and Board of Directors, 1996-1998; incorporating changes made by […]