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Quick Updates for 2012-08-10

SFWA Member Eugie Foster Sold short story "Trixie and the Pandas of Dread" to Apex Magazine. # SFWA member Matthew Johnson's story "The Last Islander" is out in the September Asimov's # Antho "Digital Rapture," with many SFWA members, is out! Write a Singularity haiku and you could win a free lunch!… #

Quick Updates for 2012-08-09

SFWA Member Ken Liu’s story, “The Bookmaking Habits of Select Species,” is out in the current issue of Lightspeed.… # SFWA member Eugie Foster just sold short stories "The Tiger Fortune Princess" and "The Girl Who Drew Cats" to Cricket magazine. #

Quick Updates for 2012-08-07

SFWA member Carrie Cuinn's “Mrs. Henderson’s Cemetery Dance” now free to read online at… CarrieCuinn # SFWA Member Mike Allen's CLOCKWORK PHOENIX Kickstarter has 3 days left Offering book pre-orders & chasing 1 last goal. # A better link for Carrie Cuin's “Mrs. Henderson’s Cemetery Dance” #

Quick Updates for 2012-08-06

@RickNovy I generally don't monitor the feed or my inbox on Sundays. in reply to RickNovy # @RickNovy notification of your tweet hit my inbox about two hours ago. # @RickNovy It looks like you tweeted about two days ago, looking at my stream. Again–I don't monitor stream or box on the weekend # @RickNovy […]

Quick Updates for 2012-08-03

And SFWA member @LAGilman also will be at @BmoreBookFest ! # New stories by SFWA member Jamie Lackey from Kazka Press & in Triangulation: Morning After. … # Active member Rosemary Jones will be speaking at SpoCon #