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Quick Updates for 2012-07-17

Portland SFWA reading TONIGHT (7/16), with Daniel H. Wilson, Isaac Marion, and Rhiannon Held # SFWA member Edward Willett's two-act SF comedy Circle the Crops will be produced in Weyburn, Sask., next summer for the city's centennial. #

Quick Updates for 2012-07-17

Member News for Allan Cole, Cindy Pon, Nicole Peeler, Beth Cato, Jake Kerr, Ken Liu, Kij Johnson, Sarah Monette, Brit Mandelo, Charles Stross, Jess Haines, Adam Christopher, Matthew Johnson, Sean Markey, Gregory Norman Bossert, Myke Cole, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Josh Roseman, Mike Allen, Charles M. Saplak, Cory Doctorow, Michael R. Underwood, Beth Bernobich, Deb Coates, Sharon Lee, Louise Marley, Isaac Marion, Rhiannon Held, and Edward Willett.

Quick Updates for 2012-07-15

Next Portland SFWA reading is Monday July 16, with Daniel H. Wilson, Isaac Marion, and Rhiannon Held … # Next Seattle-area SFWA reading is Thursday July 19, with Louise Marley, Isaac Marion, and Rhiannon Held … #

Quick Updates for 2012-07-13

A transcript of #sffwrtcht interview with SFWA member @debcoates # SFWA member Beth Bernobich is hosting a giveaway for her new novel, Queen's Hunt: # News from SFWA member Sharon Lee: Releasing all 15 Liaden novels as audio books is only part of it … #