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2010: A Space Oddity

David Kopaska-Merkel, Lou Anders, Jack McDevitt and Joanne Merriam will be reading and participating in panel discussions at the brand  new mini-con 2010: A Space Oddity in Tuscaloosa, AL. David and Joanne  (and a third panelist TBD) will be doing a Q&A on submission  etiquette, and there will be a panel on character and story development, […]

Quick Updates for 2010-02-18

RT @victoriastrauss: Open Book Alliance: how Google Book Settlement gives Google monopoly in another area: search http://3.ly/BtE6 # @jasonsanford 🙂 in reply to jasonsanford # FYI: @Pyr_Books is now accepting unagented manuscripts in certain subgenres: http://bit.ly/ar7J8y # At some point in the past couple of days the new SFWA website passed a million page views. […]

Quick Updates for 2010-02-16

@jchutchins Thank you for nominating. in reply to jchutchins # Congratulations to SFWA member @joannemerriam who sold a short story to Per Contra. # SFWA members, you have until 11:59pm tonight to turn in your Nebula ballots for the Nomination period. http://is.gd/8o7am # A reminder to people watching the running tally: The paper ballots have […]

Happy… what day is it?

Around the world people are celebrating February 14, 2010 as a special day. What, exactly, that special day is depends on who you are and what tradition you grew up in. It provides an excellent example of ways to use different calendars in world building.