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SFWA Market Qualification Request

Please understand and anticipate that qualifying a market may take a substantial length of time (possibly a year or more), as should be evident from the Qualification Requirements and the need to gather data, some of which may have to come from the publisher.

When a market becomes qualified it will be placed on the list of qualifying markets and you or others may then use it on applications.

Please be sure you are not querying about a market already on the qualifying list or the list of other venues.

  • If you are with the market, please confirm the following necessary conditions for this market by checking each box (the membership committee will verify all information, but if all boxes are not checked, this market is not eligible for qualification; if you are not with the market, please answer what you know, and we'll try to find out the rest, but be aware that the market will not qualify if we can't determine that they meet all the criteria):