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Paying Your Bills with Copywriting

by Joshua Sky

Writing is fun, but it can also be a tough way to make a living. The wait times for checks can be a drag, and the dry spells between one sale to another can be Saharan. Even if a sale is made, too often the money can be nominal. However, an avenue in the field where writers can potentially make a comfortable living, while working on their passion projects, is copywriting, also known as writing for advertising.

Recommended Reads: Fantasy Romance

by Jeffe Kennedy

Putting together a list of recommended reads in Fantasy Romance posed some interesting challenges. First off, the subgenre straddles two very large genres, both with long traditions and much-loved tropes. It’s also a fairly new subgenre. Scattered examples that are arguably Fantasy Romance can be identified from decades ago, but they were often shelved in other subgenres.