Quick Updates for 2009-11-24

  • @Ginger_Clark Aroo? um… Planet Hollywood staff? Did you get a photo? in reply to Ginger_Clark #
  • Hey there, happy party goers. If you took photos at the SFWA reception, post them in our flickr group. http://3.ly/tcL #
  • @montsamu Fascinating. Ravens to writing desks is a good comparison there. Not sure I can respond in 140 characters, but we'll see. in reply to montsamu #
  • @montsamu@HiveMindWriters Smashwords is VERY different; it's free; ebooks, not printed; is not an arm of a trad. publisher., etc… #
  • Happy release day to Lillith Saintcrow and the fourth Jill Kismet book, "Flesh Circus." http://3.ly/NXS #
  • RT @MaryRobinette: My story "Body Language" is the cover story at this month's IGMS. You have to see the art! http://is.gd/52OnV #

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