Super Fan waiting for ZONENearing midnight on Monday, November 23rd, super fan Brian C. of Portland, Oregon armored up for the imminent release of Plague Zone, the third title in Jeff Carlson’s internationally acclaimed sci fi thriller series.

“Cam Najarro is my personal Harry Potter,” said Brian C., referring to the hero in the Plague novels.

Why did Mr. C arrive at his local Powell’s in a hazmat suit with respirator, mask, and gloves?  “How else will I be safe from the nanopocalypse?” he said, smiling beneath his equipment.

Plague Year and Plague War, the first novels in the trilogy, became bestsellers in Spain as La Plaga and Antidoto.  The books have also received major promotion campaigns in Germany, where Plague War, retitled Plasma, was Piper Verlag’s Book Of The Month this August.  Both novels are also set for publication in the Czech Republic and in Romania. In the United States, Plague War was a finalist for the 2008 Philip K. Dick Award.  Film rights for the novels have been optioned by award-winning producer James McNally of Seven Seas Jim.

Readers can find free excerpts of Plague YearWar and Zone at Carlson’s web site at along with tour dates, videos, contests and more, including a mind-croggling trivia challenge in which winners will be allowed to name a character after themselves or a friend in one of Carlson’s upcoming novels.

Plague Year
Jeff Carlson
Ace Books/Penguin Group
July 31, 2007
ISBN 044101514X

Plague War
Jeff Carlson
Ace Books/Penguin Group
July 29, 2008
ISBN 0441016170

Plague Zone
Jeff Carlson
Ace Books/Penguin Group
November 24, 2009
ISBN 0441017991

Online fiction by Jeff Carlson

Jeff Carlson is a Member of SFWA

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