Are You a Published Author? Now You Can Tell the World!

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware

Hey, Published Authors: Feeling artistically discouraged? Critically devalued? Culturally marginalized? Alternatively, are you just so full of self-admiration and self-confidence that you could absolutely pop?

A Customized Author Plaque from ZLS Publishing (“The Authorpreneurial Publisher”) might be just the thing.

That’s right, writers. You can get your book cover laminated onto a wooden plaque, along with “engraving options” such as “Bestselling Author – 5,000+ Books Sold + your name,” or “Author Extrordinnaire [sic] -100+ Books Sold + your name.” (Talk about faint praise!) The plaques come in a range of colors (white, black, blue, etc.) and a variety of sizes, from dainty to hefty.

Just imagine the many uses to which you could put your plaque! If you can’t, ZLS suggests:

1) To be used and shown during your book signings.
2) Picture of your plaque to be placed on your website.
3) To give as Holiday gifts to authors or family members you know.
4) To be used and shown during your speaking engagements.
5) Use as part of your overall book marketing package.

And the cost? A mere $125 for the dainty size, and a somewhat heftier $325 for the hefty size, plus a few dollars extra for engraving.

(ZLS also sells Customized Author Shopping Tote Bags, Customized Author Pencils, and Customized Book Signing Author Balloons. And if the demise of has you missing those offers to put your poem on a plaque, ZLS can help.)

So if the vanity shelf in your office with all your titles ranged upon it isn’t quite enough to sustain your self-confidence, or if your self-promotional arsenal is lacking that certain je ne sais quoi, or if you just want to say it loud, you’re a Published Author and you’re proud…you can now go plaque yourself.