Quick Updates for 2010-12-10

  • SFWA member @nkjemisin is on the air now for Hour of the Wolf. WBAI 99.5 FM #
  • Excellent post by SFWA member @Keffy on the first impressions stories make to a slush reader. http://is.gd/iqEuX #
  • SFWA member @seananmcguire sold 2 more October Daye books to DAW, titles ASHES OF HONOR and THE CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT. #
  • Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member Stephen Blackmoore (@sblackmoore), author of CITY OF THE LOST (DAW, 2011). http://is.gd/isdDZ #
  • Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member Anne Nesbet, author of THE CABINET OF EARTHS (HarperCollins/2012) #
  • SFWA member @catvalente will be guest of honor at CONTINUUM 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. #
  • SFWA member Ted Kosmotka has a new story, "In-Fall"at Lightspeed magazine. http://is.gd/isPte #

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