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She’s Geeky  is hosting a gathering on Seattle on April 26 & 27, 2013 at the Lake Washington Rowing Club.

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From the She’s Geeky announcement:

Inspiring each other, creating vital networks, and sharing skills are the backbone of our events. Without places to re-energize and networks that support them, women who have done the hard work of developing their skills to work in STEM may drop out after just a few years in their field. We want to improve the situation of women in STEM fields, increase retention rates, and create a place for women to discuss the topics that are meaningful to them.

Women attending She’s Geeky events find the inspiration necessary to continue on STEM career paths because they are given the opportunity to present their work, discuss critical issues and build peer networks for support.

We work with and promote existing activities and organizations in regions around the country. She’s Geeky is a neutral event that supports connection between different geeky cultures by using a format where the agenda is created live at the event by the women in attendance.

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