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The Free Contest Scheme Pay to Play Anthologies Links The Free Contest Scheme In this version of the vanity anthology scheme, writers are targeted via a free contest. Here’s how it works. The anthology company announces a writing contest (announcements may appear in newspapers, writers’ magazines, sponsored search engine ads, and on the company’s website), […]

Pay to Play Anthologies

Vanity anthologies are a popular way for unscrupulous companies to make money on writers’ hunger for publication. By far the most common vanity anthology scheme is the free contest scheme, in which writers are enticed to enter poems or stories in a competition, and then pressured–though usually not required–to buy the anthologies in which their work appears. Returns

Once upon a time, there was an infamous vanity anthology company called the International Library of Poetry, also known by the name of its website,


What You’ll Find on This Website There are sharks in the literary waters. Deceptions abound, from fee-charging literary agents, to dishonest freelance editors, to fraudulent vanity publishers, to fake contests, to a variety of ripoff schemes specifically targeted at self-published authors. Add to that the complications of copyright and the opportunism of the Internet, including […]


Contest and Award Fakes Contest and Award Profiteers Is It Worth It? Assessing Contests and Awards Links There are hundreds of literary contests and awards, online and off. Many are real; some are even prestigious. But others are either fake or pointless. And few are important enough to provide a meaningful addition to your writing […]


About Us Mission Who we are, what we do, and why. Includes information on how to contact us. Overview and Site Map What you’ll find on the Writer Beware® website, plus links to general resources about literary scams. Writer Beware® Contests and Awards Copyright Editors and Assessment Services Literary Agents Self-Publishing Small Presses Vanity/Subsidy Publishers […]

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Looking to become a member of SFWA? Table of Contents Membership Types Full Members Associate Members Affiliate Members Estate Members Life Members Senior Members Family/Group Memberships Qualifications Paid Sales Qualifying Markets Short Fiction Novels Anthologies Notes on Delisted or Non-Qualifying Markets Other Markets on Hiatus Venues Other Than Above Qualify a Venue Effective with Bylaws  […]