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Quick Updates for 2010-05-22

Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member @ekellison (Erin Kellison), author of Shadow Bound from Dorchester. http://www.erinkellison.com/ # Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member Carrie Harris, author of BAD TASTE IN BOYS from Random House. She is our 100th new member in 2010. # If you need a break from writing, check out this 1950 "premake" […]

Quick Updates for 2010-05-21

The Big Picture has photos of prep and liftoff of the space shuttle Atlantis. http://is.gd/chM8y # RT @megmccarron: Delany on Racism and Science Fiction: http://is.gd/chMMB # RT @Maudelynn: New Computer Algorithm that can recognize sarcasm. http://tinyurl.com/22ob7l5 #

Book View Café’s Extraordinary Steampunk Photo Contest

In celebration of Book View Press’ upcoming release of The Shadow Conspiracy Volume II (SCII), Book View Café is holding a steampunk photo contest. The winning photo will be used on the cover of SC II which is scheduled for publication in December of this year. Prizes for the winning entry will include a copy […]

Quick Updates for 2010-05-20

The special SF issue of WLT (1st SF for this literary magazine) is available plus much exclusive web content: http://is.gd/cg8a5 # Right now @Nasa is a streaming a talk by @Astro_Jeff about the 6 MONTHS he spent at the ISS. http://is.gd/cgehI # We have a member there who is offering to ask a question. No […]

SFWA 2010 Election results

Winners of the 2010 SFWA election are.
President: John Scalzi (208)
Vice President: Mary Robinette Kowal (207)
Secretary: Robert J. Howe (163)
Treasurer’s race: Amy Casil Sterling (151)
South/Central Regional Director: Lee Martindale (62)
Overseas Regional Director: Sean Williams (10)