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Transcript available for online Google Book Settlement panel

Today, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Inc., hosted an online panel discussion regarding the proposed settlement between Google, Inc. and the Authors Guild, Inc., and other class action plantiffs. The text-based panel ran for 90 minutes on the SFWA discussion forums, creating an instant transcript for writers who could not make the opening […]

Quick Updates for 2010-01-21

NYC area folks, don't forget that there's a Google Settlement Workshop in midtown at 2:00 http://is.gd/6G1IM Pass the word. # RT @lketchersid: Amazon changing Kindle royalties? http://bit.ly/7Mdhbk <about time!> # @kmdi They are videoing the workshop. I'll let you know when it's been posted. Tomorrow, we have an online version. http://is.gd/6Gn3w in reply to kmdi […]

Quick Updates for 2010-01-20

Help Haiti animals & SFWA member @jesswynne will send you a signed copy of her novel The Z Radiant: http://is.gd/6BxUN # Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member, Rick Boatwright, with 3 sales to Grantsville Gazette. http://is.gd/6BIvJ # Strange Horizons starts new fiction-department blog to give writers updates about magazine status questions. http://is.gd/6DkBG #

Open Letter from a Writer to New Publishers

Posted by Richard White for Writer Beware

Dear New Publisher:

You may have noticed people discussing your company on various web sites. Normally, this would be a good thing, I mean, free publicity, right? But, when you go to these sites, they may be discussing your company in unflattering terms and asking all kinds of questions about your ability to get books into bookstores.

Quick Updates for 2010-01-19

Congratulations to @CatValente. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland won the CultureGeek award for Best Web Fiction. http://bit.ly/5GaILQ # If you have a topic or question that you particularly want covered at the Online Panel ask it by the 20th using #sfwaGBS #