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How do I make a nomination for the Nebulas?

Only SFWA Active or Associate members may nominate for the Nebulas. The Nebula rules were changed in January 2009, creating a fixed nomination period which takes place from November 15th – February 15th.

When the nominating period is open, all members will receive notification via the Online Update and a link to the nominating system will be available on the Elections and Nebulas.

Members may suggest works for other members to read, but it is not part of the formal process.  Those stories are listed in “Nebula Suggested Reading” which you may reach by going to the sidebar on the SFWA site.

Finally, members who wish to make work available for reading have two options.

  • If your work is generally available, we suggest that you add it to the SFWA Member Fiction Online.
  • If you want to make it available only to other SFWA members you may do so in the “SFWA Member Fiction” area of Discussion Forums. (Reminder, the Discussion Forums use a different username and password than the rest of the site)