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How do I make a nomination for the Nebulas?

How do I make a nomination for the Nebulas?

SFWA Active and Associate Members may nominate eligible works for the Nebula Awards.

Full Nebula Award rules can be found here.

The official nomination period will remain open for at least six weeks, beginning no later than December 15th and extending though at least January 31st of the following year. The exact dates for each nomination period will be announced in conjunction with release of the names of the previous year’s winners.

The nomination period for works published in 2017 will open on November 15, 2017 and close on February 15, 2018.

When the nomination period is opened, all Active and Associate Members who are subscribed to emails from SFWA will receive notification and a link to the nomination ballot. Members must be logged in to the SFWA Discussion Boards in order to access the ballot.

Works may not be nominated by their authors, editors, publishers, or agents.

SFWA Members who wish to make eligible work available for reading have two options.

  • The Suggested Reading List [link: https://www.sfwa. org/forum/reading/] is not part of the formal nomination process, but is a place where SFWA Members are encouraged to go to suggest eligible, award-worthy works, including their own. All categories of SFWA Member are permitted to participate in the Suggested Reading List. Members may add their recommendation to a work already posted by clicking on the thumbs up icon next to the post. Members must be logged into the SFWA discussion boards to add new suggestions to the list.
  • SFWA Members may also make work available in the SFWA Fiction [link: https://www.sfw a.org/forum/forum/185-sfwa-fic tion-2017/] section of the Discussion Boards. (Reminder: You must be a SFWA Member in good standing and logged in to the Discussion Boards in order to view the SFWA Fiction section of the site.)

Non-member authors, editors, publishers, and agents who wish to make their eligible fiction available to SFWA Members for consideration may submit the work to the Nebula Awards Commissioner via email at nac@sfwa.org. While there is no guarantee that SFWA Members will read and nominate these submitted works, the Nebula Awards Commissioner will post them to the SFWA Fiction section of the Discussion Boards and members will have access to them there. The SFWA Discussion Boards (including the SFWA Fiction section) is members-only and password-protected.

Updated 10/3/2017