RIP: John Raymond Brosnan (1947-2005)

Locus Online reports that fan, fantasy novelist and Bond biographer John Raymond Brosnan was found dead in his South Harrow (UK) home several days ago.

Brosnan was born in Australia, but lived in and near London for many years. His writing appeared under the names John Brosnan, James Blackstone (with John Baxter), John Raymond, Simon Ian Childer (with Leroy Kettle), and Harry Adam Knight (also with Kettle). He published at least 14 novels, usually in 2 or 3 book series. Mothership Awakening is scheduled for release this fall. His well received film related nonfiction included Movie Magic: The Story of Special Effects in the Cinema and James Bond in the Cinema.

He was active in science fiction fandom for nearly 40 years, and published the fanzines Why Bother, Scabby Tales, Scab, Big Scab, Son of Why Bother.