Welcome to the new SFWA website

This website is intended to be a pivotal part of the Science fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’s mission to inform, promote, support, defend and advocate for writers.

Robots and ChampagneWe’ve got a number of new programs for writers, readers and educators which we’ll be highlighting this week. At the moment, I want to give credit to our hardworking webteam volunteers.

Designer Jon Armstrong
Website Content EditorNancy Fulda
Webmaster Chris Hansen
Conversion to WordPressJeremy Tolbert
Content Transfer: Jamie Todd Rubin, Scott Danielson, James Bassett, Brandie Tarvin, Aislynn Denny, Jin Kang, Christie Yant, Meg Stout
Forum Moderators: Jim Johnson, Joy Marchand, Scott Roberts, Charles A. Tan, Brandie Tarvin

There’s still more to come, but these volunteers have worked incredibly hard to get us to this point and deserve serious kudos for their efforts.

14 Responses

  1. James P. Taber

    The site looks beautiful, but it looks like you deleted some of the articles? I had been carefully reading through the “Aphorisms in Science-Fiction” article, but now I can’t find it anywhere.

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    James: We’re still porting information into the new site. It looks like the Aphorisms one hasn’t made it yet. Sorry to cut you off mid-read like that.

  3. Kiel Stuart

    Cool! A new web site?

    There’s a SFWA site on LiveJournal, right?? Where? I can’t find. 🙁

    1. sfwadmin Post author


      This is from the email that went out to members on August 2nd:

      Livejournal – We also crosspost automatically to Livejournal, again, broadening the reach of our information, promotion and support of writers. Thanks to Michael Burstein, James Van Pelt and Karina Sumner-Smith for having the foresight to start this community.


      Please comment back if you can’t find it at that location and I’ll do a bit of investigating.

  4. David Langford

    The new look is good. Quick feedback: I find that the long-established news address http://www.sfwa.org/News/ — to which my Ansible site has linked for years — currently returns a rather curious page with some “new” site graphics on the right and, on the left:

    Error 404 – Not Found

    In Memorium
    David Eddings

    Maybe a good idea to ensure that even with the new design, familiar links produce something sensible?

    Best wishes

  5. Kerry Elizabeth Thompson

    While not wishing to put down the volunteers and all their hard work, I do need to point out that this new and improved site is not accessible as per the W3C’s Web Accessibility guidelines. Moreover, I can’t be sure whether it is poorly laid out or does not degrade gracefully. In any case, the designers need to keep in mind that not all visitors are fully sighted. Nor do all visitors have the most up-to-date, bleeding edge web browser. Links to skip to main page content as well as designing for graceful degradation are, among others, best web design/development practice. In short, this site as currently constituted is not ready for prime time.

  6. sfwadmin Post author


    There is an option on the left side, labeled Plain Text Version, to view the site in a ‘plain text’ version which should be easier for screen readers to “read” as well as to make the font larger for limited sight.