Hugo Awards Administrator discusses amended rules

Hugo LogoAt File 770 Vincent Docherty, WSFS Division Head for the 2010 Worldcon, Aussiecon 4, and Administrator for the Hugo Awards discusses the amended Hugo rules. Specifically, he answers the question “Will blogs and websites be eligible in the Best Fanzine and Best Semiprozine categories if they meet the general criteria of either category?

The answer to the general question about whether genre websites, including blogs, are eligible in principle is clearly yes, since the rules now explicitly permit works published in other media in several categories. The follow-up question is which websites and blogs are eligible in which categories, and are there easy to understand guidelines for nominators?

This is where things get a little complicated, simply because the rules are new. Mr. Docherty’s answer is long, thoughtful, and worth reading because it deals with complexities of defining terms as the industry and genre evolves.

via SF Awards Watch


3 Responses

  1. Vincent Docherty

    Hi – thanks for posting the link.

    Note that my surname is DOCHERTY not DOHERTY.


    Vincent Docherty

  2. Mary Robinette Kowal

    Sorry about that, Vincent. We’ve fixed it now.

    Sam: Yes, that is correct but note that semi-prozines only need to meet two of the requirements listed, not all of them.