New SFWA bylaws draft posted for review by members

Advocate - istockDear SFWA members,

SFWA President Russell Davis has posted the most recent iteration of the new draft bylaws for SFWA, the review of the membership. Please log in to to the Discussion Forums to give us your feedback.

If you would like to read the draft of the new bylaws, they are available here in .pdf format and may be shared with non-members.

At the same time the membership is reviewing this, we will be asking our legal counsel in both Colorado and an associated office in California, to review the document as well.

Members have until February 1, 2010, to review these bylaws, ask questions, make comments, bring up concerns, etc. On that date, the Board will resume discussions based on the feedback from members and counsel, and will move to draft a final set of bylaws which is the one that the members will be asked to vote on.

Please give us your comments at the Discussion Forums