Candidate for Secretary: Isamu Fukui

My name is Isamu Fukui. I have been a published novelist since age 15,
with two books out by Tor Books and a third in revision. I am currently a mere 20 years old, inexperienced, and a SFWA member for less than a year. I hold no sweeping ambition or political design. I will not oversell my resume–if this is to be a race decided by life accomplishments, I will lose, for other contestants will have a considerable head start. If this were a race for President, I would not even vote for myself.

With that humble confession out of the way, I would not be running for the post of Secretary if I did not believe I could carry out the duties residing therewith. Those duties as enumerated in the by-laws–to organize documents, to take minutes, and to attend annual meetings–are well within the scope of my ability. I do not view the post as one tasked primarily with setting policy, but rather facilitating it. However, among the officers, I can and will be a voice for new and younger members.

Should I be elected I will throw all of my not inconsiderable energy behind my duties. The scope of the office is such that I cannot promise dramatic change unilaterally, nor would I consider myself apt to offer it.

What I can promise is that I will take the post seriously and will never neglect my responsibilities. What I must do shall be done. What I do not know, I will learn. I am prepared to serve, and I would be honored to be your Secretary.

  • Two full length novels out in the United States
  • Experienced at giving interviews, twice featured on NPR
  • Published in eight languages worldwide, having personally met with publishers in places as far as China and Hungary
  • Lectured at the University of South Carolina and spoke at elementary and high schools in New York and New Jersey
  • Panelist at events such as the New York Comic Con, Texas Library Association Conference, and International Reading Association Convention
  • Successfully juggled academic and literary careers for five years and counting