5 Resources for Managing Disasters

Planet EarthThis set of resources is one that we truly hope you will never, ever need.

But emergencies can happen, outside and within, and you may find yourself in need of assistance ASAP.  This list is just a small set of places you can begin to look for help; always be sure and contact local, community resources in your area, and if you are in immediate danger, call 911.

  • SFWA Emergency Medical Fund: This is available to active SFWA members, and provides interest-free loans to help pay for unexpected expenses related to emergency  and other medical care.
  • Clayton Memorial Medical Fund: This fund is regional–Pacific Northwest only—however, it provides assistance to professional writers of  science fiction and fantasy to help, as the SFWA Fund does, pay for medical expenses.
  • PEN Writers’ Fund Assistance Resource List (PDF): This list, maintained by the PEN American Center, is an extensive, annotated directory of national and regional emergency funds and financial resources for writers of all genres (as well as journalists and non-fiction writers), including resources for writers living with long-term, chronic illnesses; help with natural disasters and property damage; and for unforeseen medical expenses.
  • Find Counseling State Hotline List: this list is a great place to start if you need local help and don’t know where to go. Organized by state, this site can help you find local crisis lines, counseling or other resources.
  • FEMA Federal Disaster List: if your crisis comes from above (or below), you may qualify for help fro the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Check this list to see if your area has been declared an area eligible for help.