Quick Updates for 2010-10-07

Quick Updates -- istock
Member News

  • SFWA member Kalayna Price‘s new urban fantasy GRAVE WITCH is out now.
  • SFWA member Shiloh Walker has a Contest & Giveaway for The First Book of Grimm. Details here.
  • SFWA member Marjorie Liu will be at NYCC. Two panels (novels, X-Men), two signings, both on Friday.
  • Interview with SFWA member Dan Wells about his latest book, Mr. Monster at Apex Book Company.
  • SFWA member Tom Crosshill‘s “Express to Paris by Dragon First Class” is at Intergalactic Medicine Show. Click the link in left menu for a free audio version of the story.
  • Interview with editor & SFWA member John Joseph Adams at Redstone SF.
  • SFWA member David Levine‘s story “Floaters” is published on Drabblecast.
  • Welcome to SFWA’s newest Associate member Tim Myers with a sale to Realms of Fantasy (April, 1999) http://www.timmyersstorysong.com/.
  • SFWA member Paul Jessup has flash fiction up at Innsmouth Free Press.
  • Original fiction from SFWA members Harry Connolly and Stacia Kane on Suvudu.com.
  • SFWA members Sarah Beth Durst and Cinda Williams Chima will be at Books of Wonder today (10/7) at 6pm.
  • SFWA member Stephanie Draven discusses The Seven Deadly Sins of Paranormal Romance on the Dirty Sexy Books blog.
  • Win WILD CARDS 1 – with new stories by SFWA members David Levine, Carrie Vaughn, and Michael Cassutt – from Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist!
  • SFWA members Kevin J. Anderson, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Brandon Sanderson teach a new SUPERSTARS WRITING SEMINAR in Salt Lake City, January 13-15.
  • University of Toronto is teaching SFWA member Robert J. Sawyer’s WAKE in a science-fiction course this fall.
  • A hearty thank you to Marc Steuben who’s been moderating the Quick Updates at sfwa.org for the past year. The new moderator is Keffy R.M. Kehrli.

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