Quick Updates for 2010-12-15

Quick Updates -- istock

Member News

  • SFWA member Tony Pi‘s story “The Gold Silkworm”, is up at Fantasy Magazine.
  • A Spanish reprint of SFWA member Eugie Foster‘s “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast” in November Issue of Cuasar.
  • Happy book release day to SFWA member Jon Armstrong and YARN. Read Chapter 1 on his site.
  • At inkpunks.com today, SFWA members Blake Charlton and Wendy Wagner talk about improving your spelling against all odds.
  • Welcome to SFWA’s newest Associate member Sigrid Ellis. Read her qualifying story “No Return Address” at Strange Horizons.
  • Welcome to SFWA’s newest Active member Ben Loory, author of STORIES FOR NIGHTTIME AND SOME FOR THE DAY (Penguin, 2011).

Industry News

  • After talks with publisher, SFWA has placed Dorchester Publishing on probation from 12/10/10 – 12/10/11. Details here.
  • Information about SFF.NET’s hosting and routing woes is on their twitter feed: @sffnet.