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Quick Updates for 2010-12-12

SFWA member @Keffy's story "Advertising at the End of the World" is this week's Escape Pod episode. # Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member Rhiannon Held, author of SILVER (Tor, 2012) # Odyssey Writing Workshop Announces Its 16th Summer Session # SFWA member @Norilana offers a "Hilarious parody NORTHANGER ABBEY AND DRAGONS by […]

Odyssey Writing Workshop Announces
Its 16th Summer Session

Since its founding in 1996, Odyssey has become one of the most respected workshops in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror writing community. Odyssey is for developing writers whose work is approaching publication quality and for published writers who want to improve their work. The six-week workshop combines advanced lectures, exercises, extensive writing, and in-depth feedback on student manuscripts.

Quick Updates for 2010-12-10

SFWA member @nkjemisin is on the air now for Hour of the Wolf. WBAI 99.5 FM # Excellent post by SFWA member @Keffy on the first impressions stories make to a slush reader. # SFWA member @seananmcguire sold 2 more October Daye books to DAW, titles ASHES OF HONOR and THE CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT. […]

Guest Post–Information Wants to Be Free

The truth of “information wants to be free” is obvious to anyone who works in informatics. But it’s ignored time and again. It’s ignored by record companies trying to prevent music downloads, by startups trying to enforce embargoes on tech news, by the US government trying to share secrets with thousands of people and yet somehow not by the world at large.

Quick Updates for 2010-12-09

Welcome to SFWA's newest Associate member Laurie Tom (@writerrat), with a sale to WotF XXVI. # @HanaMoonfire I'm trying to find you in the member directory so I can link your twitter account to your membership but could use some help. # SFWA member @daviddlevine sold "Citizen-Astronaut," which won 2nd Prize in the 2010 […]

Guest Post–An Interstitial Moment: Metaphor

I want to talk for just an Interstitial Moment about metaphor, and these thoughts come to you compliments of Faerie Con where hundreds of folk, some quite young, some middle aged, and some old enough to know better have been dressing for days in rather suggestive costumes–bustiers, codpieces, artfully placed flowers and leaves, painting themselves green or gold or other landscape colors.