In Memoriam: W.J. Maryson (1950-2011)

Dutch author W.J. Maryson (1950-2011) died on March 9 after being taken to the hospital suffering from heart problems.  Maryson, who was born Wim Stolk, was the author of the six-volume Master Magician series and the Unmagician trilogy among other books. In 2004, the third novel of the Unmagician trilogy, De heer de Diepten, received the Elf Fantasy Award for best novel presented by Elf Fantasy Magazine.  He won the Paul Harland Prijs in 2007 for his story “Nietszche Station.” Maryson’s short story “Verstummte Musik” appeared in English translation The SFWA European Hall of Fame in 2007.

Maryson often attended the World Fantasy Convention.  Using his own name, Stolk worked as a literary agent for Chapters Literair as well as beign an editor for different publishing houses. He was also involved with the administration of the Paul Harland Prijs. In addition to writing, Maryson also wrote music and released rock CDs  in conjunction with the first two volumes of the Master Magician series.